Axonect API Manager

A robust, open-source, API Management platform that provides an internal API marketplace that drives innovation through rapid service creation

Enabling Innovation

Axonect API Manager technology is the most complete open-source platform of its kind for Telcos combining API management, Identity Management, powerful service mapping, efficient orchestration, monetization and reporting with enterprise grade support. It represents a radical departure from the traditional proprietary software licensing/support model, IS (Identity Server) Cloud, PaaS (Platform as a Service) or on-premise ready and is horizontally scalable.

The mission is to continue to embrace and refine new operational concepts and tried and tested open-source technologies to achieve scalability and speed-to-market – whilst eliminating opportunity cost and execution friction for our partners.


Product Features

Full featured API Manager

API Manager is a complete solution for designing and publishing APIs, creating and managing a developer community, and for securing and routing API traffic in a scalable way

Single endpoint for SPs and CPs

One endpoint for different southbound. This will really be helpful for the CPs/SPs to maintain the seamless integration to the single endpoint

Smart orchestration and workflow

Capable to orchestrate the APIs and having the predefine workflow for API management

Development & Integration Sandbox

Seamless integration with the different environments for the testing without interfering to the production

Powerful dashboard and reports

Providing the near real time dashboard for technical operations, business operations as well as the system admins

Permission-based self-service and admin portals

Self registering portal for the SPs and CPs to the API marketplace. Admin can control the overall deployment from the single portal

High Performance Data Capture

Real-time high-performance data capture capability in the distributed environment

Pluggable architecture

Seamless integration support for the southbound and northbound integrations

Real time traffic monitoring

Powerful dashboard for real time traffic monitoring. With the various monitoring tools used for checking the live traffic

Secure and Efficient Identity and Entitlement Management

Able to connect any identity provider with the different identity methods such as SMAL, OAuth 2

Token based API Security & Access Control

Very powerful authorization and the authentication using the identify management

Governance & Policy control

Able to enforce the different policies in the API management and governance the APIs

Pre-built integration to the GSMA API & MCX Exchanges

Facilitate the mobile connect integration with any kind of web portals


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