Axonect Enterprise Marketplace

The Enterprise Marketplace is a digital storefront for businesses to offer their own products and services, as well as those from selected partners, to their enterprise customers

Innovation Through Collaboration

The Enterprise Marketplace lets you manage your own online marketplace of partner and in-house products to generate new revenue streams.

The Enterprise Marketplace allows organizations to come together and find synergies by sharing successful products and services with each other.

Similar to the Android Play Store or Apple Appstore, the Enterprise Marketplace provides a platform for Telcos to share services they have created profitably in non-competitive geographies while allowing other Telcos to replicate such services for their subscribers.

Product Features


Merchandising and product bundling

Rapid new product launch

360 Insights

Dedicated partner offering

Rapid onboarding


Enhances S&M , Analytic, customization features

Multiple Monetization & revenue models

Interface integration and management

One shop storefront


Enterprise CX

Interactive buyer seller communication

Reliable order processing and tracking

Detailed product presentation

Self care

Easy navigation, product search & display


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