Axonect Digital Telco

Launch and manage multiple Digital Telcos effortlessly with Axonect Digital Telco’s Cloud-based SaaS model. Our comprehensive solution includes core BSS systems, customer-facing channels, and a flexible, cost-effective Cloud-based architecture.

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From Telco to TechCo

Axonect Digital Telco provides a Cloud-based SaaS model for MNOs to easily launch and manage multiple Digital Telcos. Our product suite consists of core BSS systems such as Billing, CRM, and Product Catalog, as well as customer-facing channels such as Mobile & Web Self-care and Chatbot. We prioritize scalability and modularity so that you can easily adapt to the changing needs of your Digital Telco ecosystem.

Our Cloud-based architecture provides your business with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness it needs to succeed. We leverage Axonect Enterprise Enabler’s evolving features to reduce development and operation expenses while guaranteeing a seamless and efficient technical infrastructure.

With Axonect Digital Telco, you get a partner who is committed to your company’s success. Our product suite is focused on user experience, innovation, and dependability, giving you a competitive advantage. Select Axonect to stay ahead of the competition and propel your MVNO to success.

What We Offer

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Benefits of Axonect Digital Telco

Scalability, Integration and Interoperability

The modular and distributed architecture of the Axonect platform ensures swift scalability of resources on demand. It can handle complex BSS integrations backed by pre-built digital enablers.

Standardization, Governance and Security

We ensure plug-and-play integrations, regulatory compliance, and protection of end-to-end transactions and customer data with the TM Forum ODA-aligned Digital BSS.

Flexibility, Reusability, Automation & TTM

We leverage Axonect Enterprise Enabler capabilities to accommodate the complexity of legacy Telco systems, and enable faster service developments with no code/low code. Rapidly roll-out numerous digital services with our built-in automation to reduce TTM.

Analytics & Mobility

We provide secure analytic integration capabilities across all possible use cases. We ensure the capability and security for all possible use cases while taking into account sensitivity and local and international regulations.


Our products are cloud-ready and designed for telecom operators seeking scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. With a cloud-ready solution, telcos can focus on their core business activities while we handle complex technicalities.

Superior User Experience

We prioritize customer experience by providing personalized, real-time interactions through our mobile and web self-care apps and Chatbot. Our user-friendly interface and efficient automation system make it easy for customers to complete tasks quickly. This customer-centric approach boosts satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.


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