Axonect Selfcare

Axonect Selfcare is a powerful and user-friendly self-care solution designed for both mobile and web platforms. With its exceptional features, this innovative platform empowers telcos to revolutionize their customer service experience.

The Future of Selfcare Apps

Axonect Selfcare is a cutting-edge self-care app framework that gives your customers the power to manage their accounts and services from anywhere, on any device. With Axonect Selfcare, you can improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and boost engagement.

Our app framework is cloud-ready and tailor-made to meet the evolving needs of communication service providers and their customers. With enhanced control, real-time insights, and advanced security, we provide the ideal solution for delivering a truly exceptional selfcare experience.

Features of Axonect Selfcare

Unified Interface

Axonect Selfcare provides a single, unified interface for customers to manage all of their accounts and services. This makes it easy for customers to find what they need and get things done quickly.

Comprehensive Usage Records

Axonect Selfcare provides administrators and campaign managers with comprehensive usage records. This information can be used to track spending and identify attractive offers for end customers.

Real-Time Notifications

Axonect Selfcare can send customers real-time notifications about important events, such as bill due dates, new offers, and service outages. This helps to keep customers informed and engaged.

Secure Transactions

Axonect Selfcare uses the latest security technologies to protect customer data. All transactions are encrypted end-to-end and all user data is backed up regularly.

Automated Customer Service

Axonect Selfcare also includes a chatbot that can help customers with common service requests reducing the number of calls to customer service.

Flexible Architecture for Seamless Integrations

Axonect Selfcare boasts an independent, modular, and flexible microservices architecture. This design allows for seamless integration with existing business support systems (BSS) and future expansions

Benefits of Axonect Selfcare

Empower and Engage Your Customers

Empower and Engage Your Customers

Axonect Selfcare gives your subscribers total control over their accounts and services, including balance, resources, and subscription management. Customers can also view comprehensive usage records, simplify bill payments and transaction histories, and ensure seamless customer interactions through complaint management and service requests.

Improve Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

Improve Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

Axonect Selfcare provides a powerful configuration management portal for real-time control over the application. Gain accurate insights into customer behavior through advanced usage tracking, enabling you to send real-time notifications, resulting in a remarkable improvement in customer engagement and satisfaction.

Robust Product Architecture and Design

Robust Product Architecture and Design

Our framework boasts an independent, modular, and flexible microservices architecture, allowing for seamless integration with our Digital BSS platform and easy future expansions. All transactions and user data are protected with end-to-end security measures and comprehensive audit trails, ensuring the highest level of data integrity.


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