Axonect GallopRail

Experience the next level of automation testing with Axonect GallopRail. This game-changing automation acceleration tool is transforming the way organizations conduct functional, regression, and sanity testing. With GallopRail, creating complex automated tests for web, mobile, and API has never been easier.

Test Automation Accelerator

Axonect GallopRail is an easy-to-use, automation acceleration tool that is revolutionizing the way organizations conduct functional, regression, and sanity testing. Designed to simplify and streamline the QA process, GallopRail, allows users to easily create complex automated tests using plain English commands, drastically speeding up the QA process without the need for specialized automation engineers. Available on Windows, this automation software empowers organizations to accelerate the creation of end-to-end functional, regression, and sanity tests.

GallopRail’s user-friendly interface and intuitive functionality make it a breeze for anyone to navigate and utilize without the need for specialized automation engineer. GallopRail enables QA teams to rapidly speed up their testing processes, eliminating the bottlenecks traditionally associated with automation testing.

With GallopRail, organizations can experience a significant reduction in testing time and effort, resulting in faster time-to-market and increased productivity. The tool’s plain English commands and low-code scripting approach using Auto4GL allows users to easily create and execute automated tests without the need for extensive programming knowledge.

Whether you’re conducting tests for web UI, mobile, or API, GallopRail provides a comprehensive solution to meet your automation testing needs. By harnessing the power of GallopRail, businesses can enhance their testing capabilities, improve efficiency, and deliver high-quality software products with confidence. Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming manual testing processes and embrace the power of automation with GallopRail. 


A flow diagram depicting how Axonect galloprail works

Why Choose GallopRail?

Easy-to-use and understand

GallopRail is easy to understand and use since it uses a low-code scripting tool called Auto 4GL. This makes it effortless for anyone to start using the tool right away, without having to go through a steep learning curve. Its minimalistic interface that allows users to navigate the tool up to 5 times faster than traditional scripting!

Freedom to allow anyone to conduct testing

Organizations have the freedom to allow anyone from Manual Testers to inexperienced resources to conduct testing, thereby democratizing the QA process and making it accessible to all.

Speed up scripting time

GallopRail reduces the regression testing process by 80% with its low scripting time, thereby saving organizations a significant amount of time and money. Perfect for any organization that values efficiency and speed.

Highly detail oriented

GallopRail is highly detail oriented, allowing users to write separate scripts for different situations and outcomes from events identified along the critical path. This level of detail ensures that all possible scenarios are covered, thereby reducing the risk of errors, and ensuring high-quality tests.

Comprehensive Reports

GallopRail provides comprehensive reports for each testing scenario, offering detailed information on any failures with corresponding screenshots.

Free Training

A free 2-hour training ensures that users can get up to speed with the tool in no time. this means organizations can start seeing the benefits of using galloprail almost immediately, without any long setup or training time.

Features of GallopRail

  • Low Code Scripting
  • Jar Build Export
  • Java Framework
  • Easy Test Case Management
  • Efficient Test Data Management
  • Extensive Command Base
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Object Recognition via xpath, CSS path and Element Attributes
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • Flexible License Model
  • Windows OS Supported


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