Axonect Enterprise Enabler

The Enterprise Enabler is a digital transformation platform that transforms legacy business support systems into agile, flexible, and scalable systems.

Axonect enterprise enabler user interface

Axonect Enterprise Enabler is a digital telco enabler designed to help Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) complete the journey from Telco to Techco. 

The enterprise-ready, microservice-based, ODA (Open Digital Architecture) aligned digital transformation platform optimises the value of new Telco business support models that work in parallel with existing business support models, allowing Telcos to capitalise on potential revenue growth opportunities.

It offers a modular architecture with a microservices layer that provides independently deployable business capabilities. With a continuous integration and delivery architecture pattern, software development becomes faster and more efficient. Key enablers such as service discovery and a robust technology stack ensure the seamless deployment of microservices applications. Axonect Enterprise Enabler empowers companies to transition from traditional monolithic systems to a more agile and modern microservice architecture, unlocking their full potential in the digital age.

This journey requires a differentiated and innovative digital product that gives the flexibility to support multiple business models at scale without significantly increasing operational complexity and cost. The platform’s cloud-native, agile integration solution unburdens legacy infrastructure while reducing operational overhead and risk and ensuring security.


Product Features

TM Forum standards aligned

TMF Open API Standardization and Open Digital Architecture (ODA) break barriers of expanding vendor specific resources

Reusable Technical & Business templates

Technical & business templates created around the microservice platform enable rapid business problem resolution low-code service creations

CI/ CD integration

CI/CD Automated process takes burden off from developer‘s shoulder

DevSecOps Enabled

Enable DevSecOps and Telco grade service assurance with a fully fine grained too stack along with Elastic Scaling, Self-healing & APM.

Microservice platform

Microservice based, two-speed BSS stack enables rapid TTM with disruptive innovations.

API Centric, Cloud-native end-to-end platform

Open Source, API-Centric End-to-End cloud-native Solution with ongoing cost optimisations while supporting E2E application development and deployment, and serverless support for rapid service delivery.


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