Axonect API Monetiser

The API Monetiser provides a single integration for companies to , expose their core services as APIs, monetize existing assets, onboard digital service providers, and manage their own API ecosystem.

Axonect API Monetiser user interface

Rapid Partnering and Monetisation

Axonect API Monetiser enables Telcos and enterprises to onboard Service Providers, monetise existing network assets, and manage their own API ecosystem all from a single platform. The API Monetiser is designed to insulate the company’s core network from OTT networks.

The API Monetiser helps telcos and enterprises reduce the risk of failure in launching new services as it drastically cuts down a usually lengthy onboarding process for partners and allows businesses to capitalise on new revenue opportunities.

It also comes with pre-built integration to existing API Aggregator hubs which enables rapid integration to OTT networks broadening the reach of the organisation. This allows telcos and enterprises to collaborate effectively with the wider ecosystem of developers, internet companies and other operators.

Product Features

All features in API Manager

All features available in Axonect API Manager is available here as well.

External Partners

Content providers and the Application presiders can easily integrate and use the expose APIs

Monetisable APIs

Provides the capabilities to monetise your published APIs

Billing & Charging module

Ability to enforce several policies according to consumer agreements and able to integrate the billing engine

Built-in Telco-specific adapters (SMPP and Diameter)

Capable of connecting to the legacy system and expose those functionalities via REST protocol to the consumers

Built in ACR module for anonymous/masked MSISDNs locally

Pre-built integration to the Hub and other GSMA API Exchange

Providing set of GSMA OneAPi compliant APIs and seamlessly can integrate with the Hub

Upgradeable to full Hub (Axonect Enterprise API Aggregator)

With the less effort able to convert external gateway to hub to facilitate more southbound per one API


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