Axonect Hybrid Multi-Cloud Orchestrator

The Hybrid Multi Cloud Orchestrator is a cloud agnostic tool that allows businesses to accelerate their cloud journey by provisioning and managing multiple cloud assets and user workflows from a single interface.

Axonect Hybrid Multi Cloud Orchestrator (HMCO) enables your organization to quickly embrace the cloud journey, while utilizing your existing resources to the maximum. Axonect HMCO supports to enable cloud capabilities yet cloud independent. Your organization is free to select best cloud strategy suites you, with single or multiple cloud providers you prefer. It’s ability to maintain hybrid cloud or multi-cloud (poly cloud), ensure, seamless migrations and enables your organization to respond to rapid market changes.

Developer tool kit ensures developers can be independent of cloud technology, ensuring your team can be consistent regardless of the cloud provider you select. While ensuring we support multiple models, we did not forget to make your operation team’s life easier with LeanOps

Product Features

Cloud enabler, yet cloud independent

Organizations can modernize their IT infrastructure efficiently by expanding it to the cloud. The platform is built as cloud native manner yet , cloud independent to provide cloud enabler capabilities to organizations.

Hybrid/multi-cloud (Polycloud) support

Easy adoption and seamless migration allowing organizations to determine best cloud strategy (hybrid/multi) fit to them, while avoiding cloud vendor lock

Cloud agnostic

Optimizing infrastructure resources by leveraging on top of cloud infrastructure - the flexibility grows, make decision-makers lives easier

Developer toolkit for rapid service delivery

Ensuring platform being cloud agnostic and development resources to be independent of cloud technology


Monitoring platform with multiple cloud platforms – Improves efficiency


TM Forum Excellence Award 2022 - Cloud native IT & networks

Axonect Hybrid/Multi cloud orchestrator to enable Axiata Digital Transformation


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