Axonect Entitlement Server

Axonect Entitlement Server (ES) is a robust solution designed to facilitate device entitlements and plan management for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). With Axonect ES, MNOs can streamline the entire process of device entitlements and deliver seamless connectivity experiences to their customers.

Seamless Device Entitlements and Plan Management

With Axonect Entitlement Server, MNOs embark on a journey towards enhanced efficiency and user-centric connectivity. By enabling effortless management of device entitlements and plans, the server eliminates complexities, resulting in faster activation processes and reduced operational friction. This newfound ease benefits both MNOs and end-users, fostering an environment where connectivity becomes second nature.

Incorporating industry-leading features such as eSIM provisioning, Web Sheet Server integration, and comprehensive reporting, Axonect ES stands as a testament to innovation. With Axonect ES, MNOs unlock the potential to enhance their service offerings, drive customer satisfaction, and stand at the forefront of technological advancement in the realm of mobile network operations.

Elevate user satisfaction through seamless and uninterrupted connectivity experiences. Axonect ES ensures that users stay connected effortlessly, enhancing their interactions with your network.​

Product Features

Axonect Entitlement Server revolutionizes the landscape of Mobile Network Operators, presenting a comprehensive array of features designed to redefine device entitlements and plan management.

Efficient eSIM Provisioning for secondary devices

Simplify the activation process for Apple RIO devices by efficiently provisioning eSIMs and enabling seamless online activation.

Precise eSIM Transfer Functionality

Ensure one-click eSIM transfers between iPhones, catering to both primary and secondary devices.

Streamlined VoWiFi/VoLTE Service Entitlements

Enhance service provisioning in VoLTE/VoWiFi entitlements by allowing only authentiacated and authorized devices to use the service.

Seamless Apple Family Setup Integration

Seamlessly integrate with Apple Family Setup for enhanced user experience and simplified device management within family configurations.

Configuration Management via Admin Console

Take control of configurations and management with ease through the intuitive Admin Console, providing flexibility and efficient oversight.

Asynchronous Notification Handling

Integrated with Apple Push Notification Services to efficiently enable notification handling for certain services.

Key Benefits of Axonect Entitlement Server

With Axonect ES, your network is poised for a transformative journey towards enhanced connectivity experiences.

Real-time Engagement

Keep users informed and engaged through the integrated Apple Push Notification Service, ensuring timely updates.

Enhanced Authentication:

Utilize the bundled Web Sheet Server to seamlessly communicate terms, conditions, and execute additional authentication procedures.

Scalability and Performance

Scale your operations effortlessly with Axonect ES, maintaining high performance even during surges in demand.

Comprehensive Management​

Efficiently manage, monitor, and extract valuable insights through our intuitive Management Console. This actionable data empowers informed decision-making, fostering smarter network management strategies.

High Performance Data Capture

Make informed decisions with comprehensive reporting, monitoring, and alerting capabilities.

Security and Compliance

Trust in the platform's adherence to industry standards, including GSMA, TM Forum, 3GPP, and Axiata MBSS, ensuring data security and compliance.

Reliable Support and Maintenance

Count on Axonect's dedicated support for smooth operations, ensuring your network remains dependable.

Swift Deployment

Utilise Axonect Enterprise Enabler for rapid deployment, minimising time-to-market for your offerings. Simplify the complex activation process for ESIM-enabled Apple Watches.


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