Axonect Digital BSS

The Digital Transformation of Digital Telcos is here with Axonect Digital BSS – a scalable, flexible and cloud-ready system that enables telcos to be more agile and responsive to changing market needs.


Transform your telecom business with Axonect Digital BSS, the cloud-ready BSS eco-system designed to support your digital transformation journey. Our TMF ODA-aligned system integrates new technologies like big data analytics and AI, providing modular solutions for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Product Catalogue-Driven Order Management, and more. With our white-label selfcare application, digital KYC, Rating Test Suite, and billing capabilities, you can automate your telco operations and improve efficiency while enhancing Customer Experience. By automating business processes and introducing differentiated services, Axonect Digital BSS enables telcos to revolutionize their operations.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional systems and embrace the power of Axonect Digital BSS to stay ahead of the competition.

What sets Axonect Digital BSS apart?


Scalability, Integration and Interoperability

Modular and distributed architecture ensures a swift scalability of resources on demand that can handle the complex BSS integrations backed by pre-built digital enablers


Standardization, Governance and Security

Ensures plug and play integrations, TMF ODA Aligned BSS, regulatory compliance while protecting end to end transactions and customer data


Flexibility/Reusability & TTM

Leveraging Axonect DTE capabilities to absorb the complexity of legacy Telco systems and roll-out numerous digital services in a low TTM


Analytics & Mobility

Analytic integration is challenging due to the lower amount of data available to use and the sensitivity and regulations

Axonect Digital BSS enables telcos to respond to the challenges faced by helping them to improve their operations and mostly the customer experience. It does this by providing systems that empower operators to automate their operations, reduce costs, and deliver services more efficiently. Some of the key benefits of Axonect Digital Telco BSS include:

  • Improve Customer Experience: Axonect Digital BSS enables telcos to offer personalized services to their clients, such as customized billing and charging, which improves the client experience.
  • Increase Efficiency: By automating their operations, telcos can reduce the need for manual intervention, which results in faster service delivery and reduced operational expenses.
  • Scalability: Axonect Digital BSS is horizontally scalable empowering telcos to add new services and users as their customer base grows.
  • Analytics and Insights: Axonect Digital BSS provides analytics and insights that enable telcos to make data-driven decisions, such as which services to offer, which clients to target, and which markets to enter in order to optimize customer revenue.

Axonect Digital BSS is essential for telcos to remain competitive and relevant in the digital age, by providing them with the tools they need to fulfil the needs of their clients and respond to new challenges and opportunities.


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