Case Study

Enterprise API Aggregator for Bizao

  • Bizao is a Fintech headquartered in Paris and operating in ten African countries with a mission is to help local and international companies accelerate their growth through the digitalization of payments.
  • Through a Hub deployed in Belgium, Bizao, was able to connect 30 telecom operators, banks, and mobile money operators in Africa and expose their payment and billing APIs through a common platform, easily accessed by external service providers.
  • Through this groundbreaking solution, Bizao will be able to build new partnerships, deploy products fast for their external customers, drive innovation, and monetize their network assets.
  • Axonect’s Enterprise API Aggregator has enabled Bizao to serve their Mobile Network Operators by offering a rapid central partnership model through the Hub for service providers relevant to whole group.

200 Million

Enabled users

Handshaking icon

13 telcos onboarded

across the African region

04 Banking Partners


69 APIs


10 Million

Managing daily transactions

40 Service Providers